SOS Therapeutic Hoof Pads


  • Superior close cell foam support technology.
  • Provides outstanding, resilient and consistent cushioning.
  • Moulds to hoof structures protecting against repeated impacts by supporting entire hoof.
  • Promotes frog, bar and heel development by providing correct stimulus to frog, sensitive frog, digital cushion and ungular cartilages.
  • Proven to provide pain relief and preventing further trauma.
  • Effective in the treatment of laminitis, abscesses, bruising and other hoof related problems.
  • Ideal for insertion into hoof boots and can be taped to the hoof. 

6.5 lb Density

Suitable for ponies and horses over approx 500 kgs

4lb Density

Suitable for ponies and minis under approx 500kgs

Instructions for using 'Save Our Soles' Therapeutic Hoof Pads

'SOS' Therapeutic Hoof Pads are only meant for temporary hoof rehabilitation use. They should not be left on for more than 72 hours at a time. For best results hand walk/or ride at walk for 20-30 mins per day. 'SOS' Rehabilitation pads can also be used for turnout.


1) Place Hoof Boot on pad
2) Draw around base of Hoof Boot using a felt pen – ie., Silver Sharpie
3) Cut out using a sharp knife – a Stanley knife works well.
4) A rasp can be useful to help shape SOS Hoof Pad to Hoof Boot
5) Place SOS Hoof Pad into boot and place hoof boot onto horse allowing it to settle and mould to hoof for 5-10 mins then re-tighten
  Hoof Boot


1) You will need a roll of duct tape and/or Vet Wrap.
2) Place the hoof on SOS Hoof Pad and lift other leg so your horse will fully weight bear.
3) Wait approx 3 mins for hoof to make an impression in the SOS Hoof Pad/or draw around hoof whilst on pad.
4) Trim the SOS Hoof Pad leaving it ¼ inch wider than the hoof impression.
5) Place two strips of duct tape onto the base on the pad – One strip long ways – from heel to toe and long enough to travel up the
  hoof wall stopping below the coronary band.
6) The second strip across the width of the pad at the widest part and across the quarters on both sides joining the first strip on the
  hoof wall stopping just below coronary band at the toe.
7) Wrap around duct tape as needed encasing SOS Hoof Pad and hoof
8) If using Vet Wrap hold the SOS Hoof Pad in place cover whole SOS Hoof Pad and hoof with Vet Wrap.

SOS Pad_0395.1

  • Ideal to support horses or ponies experiencing a metabolic/laminitic episode 
  • Ideal for insertion into hoof boots  
  • They provide a vital component in a program of returning health to hooves 
  • They are often used as a follow up to Poly-Flex Wraps as the horse progresses into ridden work and returns to health.  


SOS Hoof Pad after 6 weeks of regular 30-40 mins low impact in-hand and ridden exercise


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